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The Journal of Biosafety is a quarterly peer-reviewed scientific international journal focusing on important biosafety issues concerning human-dominated and natural ecological systems. It aims to publish papers on global biosafety problems related to biological invasions, transgenic organisms, application of chemicals and new biotechniques. A goal of Journal of Biosafety is to provide a forum to exchange information on and promote sound biosafety and biosecurity initiatives connected to sustainable development; publish new research in biosafety; provide information on best biosafety practices, and pertinent policy issues and to provide a forum for biosafety and biosecurity information exchange in China and abroad.
Manuscripts in all areas pertinent to biosafety will be considered, including:
(1) New theories and hypotheses in biological invasions; the characteristics, ecological processes as well as the consequences of invasions in all kinds of ecosystems; interactions between alien and native species; reactions and mechanisms of ecosystems to invasion; new technologies of early warning, monitoring, eradication and integrated management of biological invasions.
(2) Risk assessment and management of new organisms in agriculture, generated by transgenic or other means; communication and management of risk assessment; theory, methodology, systematic analysis on risk assessment.
(3) Acute as well as chronic toxicity of agro-chemicals; resistance mechanisms in pests (insofar as it touches on biosafety aspects); and the technologies for safe environmental use of agro-chemicals.
(4) Risk assessment theory and biosafety procedures of the new technologies, including biotechnology, nanotechnology and radiation technology.
Occasionally, the journal will consider comments, and letters to the editor. If relevant, the authors of articles commented on will be invited to reply. Comments to articles published in other journals will not normally be considered.
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